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Building Automation Systems

Remote management via phone for the heating control, watering or lighting are some of the simple applications of automation, which can have a user. At applications of a smart home with the help of bus technology we can have totally control of all electromechanical systems of a residence or building.

Lighting, heating, cooling, shading, video, audio, security system e.t.c unify with the same communication protocol and cooperate, as well, in order to provide us the maximum convenience, economy, safety and ergonomy. Particularly, in our days energy saving is playing a leading role –specially at building sector- so we can achieve reduction until 40% with blind and shutter control, 50% with heating control per place, 60% with lighting control and 60% with ventilation control.

All of the above needs are impossible to fulfill with a contractual electrical installation, so that’s the reason why more and more manufacturers trust control systems with the KNX standard. KNX is the only worldwide recognized standard with broad technology architecture for residences and buildings control. It is recognized as European standard with number (EN 50090), global standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3), and Chinese standard (GB/Z 20965).

Frequently, during the design of installations does not take into account foreseeable usages and charges. An omission may approve on the future pretty enough costly, considering the increasing cost of conversion job. In this case, KNX technology offer a great flexibility rate because with a small cost of reprogramming can modify a KNX installation quickly and easily.

KNX Association dispose over than 300 corporate members all over the world, and also it gurantees a great adequacy of products selection with full compability between them. That’s the fact that makes KNX unique than other bus systems. TECHFORALL is member of this big family as certified installer KNX PARTNER (www.knx.org)